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It's all about Malta!

With a population of approximately four hundred thousand, Malta uses the Euros (EUR) as its Currency.

The largest cities in Malta are: (in order of population)

  • Birkirkara
  • Qormi
  • Mosta
  • Zabbar
  • Valletta

The capital of Malta is Valletta where we can help you organise rental cars in Malta. Our reservations team can help with the hire of a vehicle (from small economy vehicles to vans and luxury cars) or just a simple hire car for a holiday, business trip or long term. You might even find yourself opting for campervan hire in Malta instead!


Situated in the central Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta is relatively small country with a population of just over 460,000 people, however these numbers triple during the busy Summer months. Tourists flock to the Island country bringing the number up to 1.2 million people. Croatia is known for it's historic sites, art and culture, lively festas, sparkling sea views, and rustic delicacies.

What to Do / Where to Go

  • Wine and Dine on the Valetta Waterfront
  • Visit the National Aquarium
  • Diving Snorkelling and Swimming at one of the many Maltese Beaches
  • Shop till you drop in Valetta
  • Take a Cruise through the Mediterranean
  • Pick up a Rental Car in Valetta for your Malta Holiday


Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency Ambulance Police Fire
112 112 112 112

Which side of the road do I drive on?

Keep Left as you'll be driving on the Left side of the road in Malta.

What are the Roads like in Malta?

The roads in Malta can sometimes be in very poor quality. Please exercise caution when driving. Drivers in Malta can also travel at fast speeds and in a reckless fashion. Traffic during peak periods in Valetta can also be painful. Avoid rush hour unless you like sitting in traffic.

What are the laws on Speeding?

50km in built up areas, 80km on the open road Lower speed limits as per marked signs for example near schools and hospitals. Higher speed limits do not exist as there are no highways/motorways in Malta.

Can I use a Mobile Phone while driving?

Mobile Phones are only allowed while driving if you are using a hands free kit.

Most Popular Rental Cars in Malta

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