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It's all about Croatia!

With a population of approximately four million, five hundred thousand, Croatia uses the Euros (EUR) as its Currency.

The largest cities in Croatia are: (in order of population)

  • Zagreb - Centar
  • Zagreb
  • Split
  • Rijeka
  • Osijek
  • Zadar
  • Slavonski Brod
  • Pula

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb where we can help you organise rental cars in Croatia. Our reservations team can help with the hire of a vehicle (from small economy vehicles to vans and luxury cars) or just a simple hire car for a holiday, business trip or long term. You might even find yourself opting for campervan hire in Croatia instead!


With a picturesque coastline of glistening water and long sunny days it is any wonder Croatia has become a hot spot for tourists alongside the traditional favourites Greece, Italy and Spain. Including Croatia on your European adventure could have you walking through the Old Town of Dubrovnik, swimming in one of Hvar Islands amazing beaches, sipping coffee in Zagreb or wining and dining in stunning Split. Dramatic coastlines and exquisite architecture are all part of the scenery.

What to Do / Where to Go

  • Visit Hvar a resort Island and popular coastal port
  • Sample some Croatian seafood from squid octopus and tuna
  • Hire a catamaran for some Island Hopping
  • Book a walking tour through the Dubrovnik old town
  • Visit a Winery sampling some local vintages
  • Explore Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Rent a car and explore the picturesque countryside and local villages


Which side of the road do I drive on?

Keep Right as you'll be driving on the Right side of the road in Croatia.

What are the Drink Driving rules?

Croatia has a 0.5 BAC limit for drink driving. The country formally had a strict Zero policy however this has since been changed.

Most Popular Rental Cars in Croatia

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